Changing your own user profile

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While not common, there are times you need to change your own user privileges.  Even though you’re an admin, Salesforce doesn’t let you do that.  So, how do you do it?

It’s much easier than you might think.  Given the right settings and a smidge of ingenuity.  Plus, of course, you need admin privileges.

The key to this trick allowing administrators to login as any user.

From Setup go to…

Classic:  Administration Setup > Security Controls > Login Access Policies

Lightning:  Settings > Security > Login Access Policies

Make sure the option:  Administrators Can Log in as Any User is Enabled.

Now you’ve got the groundwork laid.

Go to your list of users and you’ll see a Login link by each user’s name.  Click the link and, voila, you are them.  Be sure to pick someone who’s also an admin.

When you’re logged in as the other admin, Salesforce indicates it at the top of the page.

Classic shows an indicator in the upper right

Lightning adds a blue ribbon across the top of the entire page.

Since this person also has admin privileges, you can go and edit your profile changing your privileges because you are now them.  After you’re done, log out of the other person’s account and that’s that.

One last thing to remember…

If your org doesn’t typically keep Administrators Can Log in as Any User enabled, it would be good to turn it back off when you’re done.

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