“The Power of Us” and Non-Profits

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The Salesforce.com Foundation gives nonprofits 10 free user licenses to use the platform. They call this program “The Power of Us”. However, the Power of Us is more than just a donation program, it’s also an online community where nonprofits can look to peer organizations for assistance customizing Salesforce to meet their unique needs. Once you’re admitted to the program, you can access the community from the Power of Us portal.

Through this program, Salesforce brings many benefits of cloud computing to non-profits. This allows you to save a lot of time and money that could better be spent on your mission rather than infrastructure. It does this by providing anywhere access to your information and making it so you no longer have to worry about computer servers, system security, etc. And, yes, it saves you countless headaches along the way.

Here’s a video from the Salesforce.com Foundation that talks about this in greater depth.