Nonprofits: Why should they care?

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Staff at nonprofits are typically trying to make the most of both every penny as well as every minute.

While it’s great that the Foundation gives ten free licenses to any recognized nonprofit, most nonprofits have learned that something being “free” doesn’t mean it’s not without costs.

  • Time: Any system change requires staff time to implement and attention to derive value from.
  • Distraction:  Internal changes create distractions from the mission that need to be managed and mitigated.
  • Implementation costs:  You can certainly designate someone on your team to become the Salesforce expert and do it all for you.  However, that takes time and attention away from their everyday responsibilities.

We believe all of these risks can be lessened by partnering with the right consultant. One who’ll work with you to get your organization up and running on the platform quickly and efficiently.All that said, the question remains – why should you care? This will be a recurring topic on this blog. The video below starts that conversation, but it only scratches the surface.

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